Empowering Professionals, Organizations and Communities

  • Organizational Development 
  • Strategic Grant Seeking.
  • Leadership and Professional Development






Our Story

Didaskon Group was formed in 2008 to support organizations and individuals to thrive and reach that next level without losing their personalities. Since then, we have nurtured a broad spectrum of individuals, teams, and organizations.

We have raised millions of dollars for nonprofits through the Mid-West. We have helped organizations and individuals to meet their goals, manage change, address challenges, and minimize growing pains.

 We seek to intentionally increase the diversity and quality of services across domains of geography, gender, sexuality, race, belief, ability, and other identities



Organizational Development

  • Effectiveness and Change Initiatives
  • Strategic & Organizational Planning
  • Organizational/People Assessment
  • Performance Appraisal
  • Workforce Development & Training

Strategic Grant Seeking

  1. Research and source identification
  2. Suggestions for specific types of proposals
  3. Grant Proposal Development
  4. Submission management
  5. Program Evaluation
  6. Budgeting
  7. Funding Decision Management
  8. Grant Receiving Management

Leadership and Professional Development

  1. Executive & Leadership Development
  2. Individual Career Assessment
  3. Coaching Services
  4. Training for Trainers and Presenters